Kishidan - 族

The original Ouendan (signified by wearing their long Gakuran jackets) are still present in this game, cheering people on. However, a new rival Ouendan appear that challenge the original Ouendan in skill and cheering (the "new" Ouendan are signified by their blue military-style outfits.) The individual stories are all unrelated, but characters featured in one stage may appear as background or supporting characters in another. One can also see characters from the first Ouendan game as lead, supporting or background characters, such as the pottery maker from the first game that appears as a guest at a hot springs, and gifts the hot springs family with new pottery work should the player be successful in the stage. In the final stage, all of the characters in the game unite when the two Ouendan join together and once again lead the entire world in a cheer to save Earth when the sun's activity stops, plunging Earth into another ice age.

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Kishidan - 族Kishidan - 族Kishidan - 族Kishidan - 族